After a successful launch of the CAGE KEEPER’S reward program, in collaboration with alchemist, here is a guideline to participating in the reward program.

Step 1: Visit Cage Keeper program via, connect your wallet and select mint a crucible.

Step 2: Select any subscription package. We recommend None if you do not intend to go for a pro version. Approve and wait for the transaction to be confirmed.

Step3: After minting your crucibles, go back to the crucible reward program page and select your crucibles

Step 4: Select Asset management, then click on deposit, still on the same page, select C4G3 token from the drop down options, input the amount of C4G3 token you want to use for staking then select deposit to crucible.

Step 5: Select CAGE KEEPER on the reward program homepage, select subscribe, then select crucible as your source of funds on the pop-up page. Input the amount of C4G3 into the amount field, select subscribe and approve the transaction on your wallet. All done!

To view your staking status, please follow the following steps

1.Visit:, then select Your crucibles

2. Your CAGE KEEPER crucible program should appear on your crucible dashboard, select the hamburger menu in front of CAGE KEEPER, then select view cage keeper rewards.

3. Your staking status will appear, you can select the refresh button to manually update your reward status.

For more support or enquiries, visit our telegram community channel



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