To all our esteemed community members. We’ve got a series of updates for you but first of all thank you all for the tremendous support and patience, we couldn’t have gotten this far without you.

We are pleased to announce to you that our new website interface is live, containing all updated information about CAGE ECOSYSTEM.

It’s great to finally announce the launch of the C4G3 MEME INDEX (CMI) deployed through Many thanks to the TokenSet team for building such a great protocol that has been very beneficial in the launch of CMI.
We are yet to supply liquidity basically because of:
1. The current gas fee is insane.
2. We are awaiting some feedback from Token Set regarding our Indel Pool Info Update.
You can navigate through the website to link to the Index fund dashboard.

Last but not least, we are glad to announce the launch of our GOVERNANCE SYSTEM on Snapshot where our community members can make proposals and vote to bring changes to our ecosystem.


Liquidity: Our priority after the above updates is generating liquidity for CMI, hence, we will be proceeding with the deployment and auctioning of CGT. We are going to be providing some liquidity with the little amount raised so far. Once the auction is over, depending on the amount raised from the auction, we are going to start processing the deployment of our second Index fund, CROSS-CHAIN INDEX.

Marketing: With our flagship launched, we are focused on going top notch on marketing based on the available resources. We are happy to inform you that henceforth we will resume marketing for Cage ecosystem without any further delay so as to give the project the exposure you have all been waiting for.

Partnerships: We would also like to inform you that the team will start pursuing possible partnership deals that will guarantee a positive result for us and our partners. For anyone having any partnership suggestion, please reach out to our official marketing mail via

1. Where can I purchase CMI?
Announcement will be made available via our announcement channel once CMI trading commences.
2. What was the initial price of CMI?
CMI was initially deployed with $10 as its initial price.
3. Will I be able to buy CMI with C4G3?
Yes, we will provide appropriate link and guide once this is available
4. When will I be able to buy CMI?
Any moment from when this announcement is made.
5. Will I be able to buy CMI on Uniswap?
Yes, the team will ensure liquidity is being provided on uniswap and other DEX for easy trade.

WARNING: Do not buy any tokens that are not officially announced through any of our announcement channels. Please ask our admins in the group for further questions.

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Telegram Chinese:



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