The launch of C4G3 and our love for indices opened our eyes to many possibilities within the entire crypto space. Our initial idea is to launch a meme based indices, serving as the first meme indices in the space however, we realized we could actually do more than just meme with the technology and products available in the space.

In order to officially consecrate the C4G3 protocol/platform as a publicly owned and self sustainable ecosystem, we are thrilled to announce the launch of CAG3 Governance Token (CGT). CGT gives the team much flexibility and edge in terms of funding to speed up development and marketing.

CGT holders will also be responsible for ensuring optimal platform development, growth and increase the value and exposure of the ecosystem and asset itself. $CGT is therefore a governance asset that can be used to vote on changes and developments in this ecosystem that is focusing more on creating products both in DeFi and the Memeverse.

Thanks to quite a few open-sourced protocols out there, they have made innovations and creations in this space so much easier with the technology they have built. On this note, CAG3 ecosystem will be expanding its horizon beyond meme indices, While our flagship remains the same, we are pleased to introduce to the community the following indices that will exist alongside our flagship, CMI:

1. Multichain/Cross-chain Indices: This is an index of some of the top performing chains aside Ethereum blockchain. This index will comprise more than 3 chains (assets) including CGT and CMI.

2. NFT / Metaverse Indices: With the exponential growth and adoption of NFT technology, it is of no doubt that NFTs are here to stay, having this in mind, the Cage community, through the use of our governance system shall decide on the first NFT index assets composition of Cage ecosystem.

3. Defi Bluechips: Thanks to Defi, so many potentials have been unlocked with so much more to be unlocked. In addition to the above indices, we will also place it in the hands of the community to choose from the provided Defi blue chips, voting for the blue chips to be added to the Indices, the index assets will also Include CGT.

Note: These indices will be launched in phases starting with the Meme Index.

CGT is the governance token governing the CAG3 Meme Index.

Token Features
CGT is an ERC-20 compliant token deployed on the Ethereum blockchain only. It has a maximum supply of 100,000 tokens (capped). CGT is used to vote in changes to the Cage Indices which includes but not limited to the following:

i. Add or remove index assets.
ii. How to allocate the community treasury.
iii. Approval or rejection of proposals for new Indices.
iv. How Indices are managed.

5% allocated to private sale.
30% allocated to FLA (Fairly Launch Auction).
10% allocated to the Team. locked for 2 months, with 2 years monthly release.
10% allocated to development and marketing, 2 months cliff, monthly release for 1 year.
15% allocated to Liquidity farming and staking programs.
30% allocated to community treasury 2 months cliff with 2 years monthly release.


CGT token offering will come in 2 phases;

  1. Private Sale: This sale assists the project in raising some funds for CMI deployment and FLA collateral.
  2. Fair Launch Auction (FLA): This sale is open to the general public who wishes to be part of CMI governance. The FLA will be conducted via

Private Sale Price: $100
FLA Price: Starts at $200

Vesting Schedule (for Private sale only): 20% @TGE, 1 month cliff, 20% each month for 4 months.

Fund raised from FLA will be used as follows:

i. Index Pool Initial Liquidity.
ii. Uniswap Liquidity for Index tokens.
iii. Development & Marketing.
iv. Additional C4G3 liquidity on BSC and Arb chain.
v. C4G3 Buyback (Only if more than 50% of tokens are sold).

Over the last few years, investing in traditional finance through the index route has proved to be one of the most profitable. We believe applying this system and ideas into the cryptocurrency space can bring about much profitability and simplify the daunting nature of Cryptocurrency investing. Our ecosystem puts every little bit of cake together to create unique and valuable products that can stand the test of time. Welcome to the memeverse.



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